Corfu town, especially for its oldest part, is one of the most charming and romantic places of all the Greece. 
It is a perfect example of ancient Venetian and Byzantine art that will be able to fascinate you with its little streets and its panoramic points. 
Surrounded by the sea, the old town of Kerkyra is closed between the two ancient fortresses. 
When you arrive by ferry boat, the humidity of the sea hide Corfu town revealing only at the last moment the old houses. 
The old Corfu town, built in the past between the two fortresses, has been developed with high buildings as consequence of the increasing number of the population. All these houses, one next to the other,  have been built of local stones, with wooden attics and handmade tiles. Fortunately the number of buildings damaged by the Second World War is not so big, and today the charm of the old town of Corfu is preserved and can still remind us the past. 
During its history, Corfu island attracted attention of many conquerors for its strategic position into the Mediterranean sea.
Also today it's possible to recognize their transit from many historical sites and buildings of Corfu town. 
More than a single house, you will appreciate them all together, especially during and 
after the sunset. 
It will be an unforgettable experience to spend hours and hours just walking up and down along thousands of small paved streets, looking around to discover the old town secrets and buying some presents to bring back home. 
You’ll visit Kerkyra walking between high old houses, you will buy traditional products in ancient cellars, surrounded by stone staircase, old Venetian walls and hidden gardens. 
Every single building, every single street will appear like an open museum, but the joie de vivre of the local people will remind you that the old town is also full of life and full of surprises.