The new fortress is massive and you can see it on your left when you’re arriving in to the port with the ferryboat.
Under the supervision of the Italian architect Francesco Vitelli,  the New Fortress of Corfu was built between 1576 and 1645 and many buildings were crashed in order to have enough material to build the fortress. 
It was partially destroyed during the Second World War but the new fortress is still lovely with its old paved access road and its gate with the ancient lions that are the Venetian symbols. 
The new fortress is placed just above the old port and it’s full of underground tunnels that run till the old fortress and the old Corfu town. 
Maybe less fascinating than the old one, the new fortress deserve to be visited just for the marvellous view you can have from its top.
Recently the fortress has been renovated and today gives hospitality to many exhibitions of painting, photography, sculpturing and music concerts.